In a large container combine the corn flour with just enough warm water to dampen all of it. Make sure it mixes well.

Cover the container with a clean cloth and set it in a warm place.

Fermentation may take longer than two days, especially in cool climates. The flour should ferment before cooking. When it is properly fermented, it should have a slightly sour, but not unpleasant. And once the fermented dough is ready you can then prepare your banku.


In a large pot, bring one cup of water to boil. Slowly add the fermented dough. Cook for 20mins or more, stirring constantly and vigorously. The banku should become thick and stiff.


Add water as necessary, if it becomes too dry.


Serve the banku into serving-sized balls (about the size of an orange)


Prepare your fresh fish by taking out the gills and removing scales. Put another pot on fire, pour oil into the pot and heat the oil on a medium-high and begin to drop fish into the oil by frying it.


Prepare your hot pepper in the meantime by grinding the pepper, tomatoes and onion together. Add salt to the mixture


Pour the mixture into a bowl and slice onions into thin slice and garnish it on the mixture

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